The Beginning

Two years ago, we were jamming at the condo, having ‘Bodacious’ Red wine making fire beats. As the wine was flowing, the vibe was going, we stopped and asked, “why don’t we do this for real now?”.

That’s all it took, since then, we decided to begin our journey together as “TOnX” (pronounced as tonics)

Since then, we’ve been grinding our asses off. We picked up a couple mentors/coaches along the way such as 5piece, Mike Gonek, and Ruben Esguerra, who have been amazing at guiding us through our first steps. We’ve also found a fantastic local producer community called “Beatcave”. One of the most memorable highlights for us, was when we participated at the “World Beat Battle 2019” in Toronto . We made the last 32 out of 128 (yes we got spanked at the main event)

Even though we were eliminated, we got to meet T-Minus, Mike and Keyz, and many other great producers locally, and internationally.

So far, it has not been easy, but it has been a lot of fun. Are we anywhere close to being done? Hell nah!

Our goal is to build TOnX into a known and trusted brand for Latin-Urban music. We want to bring our Hispanic roots into mainstream media. We will start by taking over Toronto. Hehehe.

Luckily, we are on our way to that goal due to our monthly releases since January 2020. If you haven’t listened to our tracks yet. Click here to go to our music page.

Our latest single “Sazon” was released July 30th and has been building steam since. We are so proud of this song and all of the work that went into it. This song has two great local Toronto artists, “Poetics the Poet” and “Cruize”. Poetics is known for his provocative and witty lyrics, while Cruize has an angelic voice that makes the ladies melt. This is the exact one-two punch you need for a summer banger (fire emoji). This song has been played at An Co resto bar in Mississauga, thanks to Nico P!

Now we need all the support from people who love our music. Follow us on your preferred streaming platform like Spotify, Apple music, or even Tidal for you weirdos (lol just kidding).

Share our music and tag us! @tonx.bros

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Ruben Esguerra

Mike Gonek

Beat Cave

Nico P

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